Float-Bonding / Non-pollution

Care Your Sub Floor


Apply tacky (releasable) adhesives overall the subfloors for bonding the resilient floor tiles or planks are popular in the past. But the pollution issues are always there because, at time of renovation or moving, cleansing of the adhesives isn’t easy, and costly.

Sometimes the sub-floors are damaged due to removing of old floorcovering.
Glue - Free Installation

No need to wait glue drying anymore. no fumes, no odors and no mess
Save Money and Time

1 box of FloatBond connectors weigh less than 4 gallon containers of glue
Environmental Friendly

Non-pollution to sub-floors
PET film backing is 100% recyclable

Our Product

Size: 100 mm X 100 mm   
FB101 for modular carpet and vinyl tiles: bonding tab upward onto tiles’ backings,center of each tab positioning approximately at intersection point of four tiles. The Floatbond FB101 adhesive tab provides bonding strength more than twice stronger than most of other brands’ adhesive tabs for bonding the vinyl and carpet tiles.
Size: 125 mm X 48 mm
FB102 for vinyl and carpet plank: center of each tab positioning approximately at Intersection of two planks’ angle, tab’s longer side along with longer sides of planks. The FB102 adhesive tab, which at 60% size of FB101, is especially designed for bonding vinyl planks and carpet planks. The bonding performance is same as FB101 using for tiles because quantities of tabs using for normal-size planks are about 50% more than using for tiles.

Peel Adhesion

Bonding strength comparison:

Our Product
SIZE: 100*100mm
Adhesive Thickness: 0.1mm

Peel Adhesion: 2.8kg(6.16LB)
Competitor 1
SIZE: 100*100mm
Est. Adhesive Thickness: 0.02mm

Est. Peel Adhesion: 0.8~1.0kg (2.2LB)
Competitor 2
SIZE: 70*70mm
Est. Adhesive Thickness: 0.07mm

Est. Peel Adhesion: 1.31kg(2.8LB)

What our customers say
Retrofit the old floor, without pollution
old carpet removed from the ceramic tile base.
residual adhesive unable to clean fully.
Floatbond bonded onto vinyl tiles intersection angles, no more glue applied above the substrate ceramic tiles.
the room renewed with resilient and easy clean vinyl flooring.
We are looking for world-wide Regional Distributors
Floatbond is a world-wide registered trademark supply by Netfloor, Inc.
Since introducing Floatbond in second half 2018, currently we have been successfully establishing distribution and sales network in Benelux and Finland.
Private label
By special run, we provide private label for carpet tile, vinyl flooring manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers, etc.

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